Films i loved


Searching for something to wipe this boredom away i turned to films.Though i cannot call myself a critic or an expert,i can atleast make a list of all those movies which i enjoyed watching.

1. Dead Poets Society (Directed By – Peter Weir) : A Robin Williams and Robert Sean Leonard starrer,this movie reminded me of my school days.When there are teachers like Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) you may turn out to be a different individual when you grow up.Encouraging the boys to think out of the box,where the school has some strict rules is what makes this film watchable and memorable.

2. The Ice Storm  (Directed by – Ang Lee) : A slow paced drama starring Kevin Kline,Toby Maguire,Christina Ricci,Elijah Wood and Sigourney Weaver it revolves around two families unhappy in their respective lives.Parents caught up in their own issues have no time for their kids which unfortunately leads to death.May not be a good choice when you need something to cheer you up but all in all a well made movie.

3. Dave  (Directed By – Ivan Reitman) : What happens when a common man gets to be the President of The United States Of America(Kevin Kline)?. He acts in the best interest of the public and captures the heart of the first lady(Sigourney Weaver).It makes you wish this happen in real life!!

4. Big Fish  (Directed by – Tim Burton) : A father’s tales are not taken seriously by the son who feels it is just a fantasy.But later on he realises what seems unreal may perhaps have some truth in it.

5. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless mind   (Directed by – Michael Gondry) : If it was actually possible to erase memories of people then this world would perhaps be a better place.Jim Carrey portrays a lover who realises that the one he loves (Kate Winslet) has erased all memories of him. Unlike other Jim Carrey movies this one shows him in a serious role.I was surprised to see him like this.proves he can also be a serious actor when the role demands it.

6. Anti Christ ( Directed by – Lars Von Trier) : Not for the faint hearted this movie follows the lives of a couple(William Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg) who lose their only son due to negligence. The mother of the child holds herself responsible and commits horrendous acts to punish herself and her husband. Certain scenes may tend to send shivers down your spine but when the mind is disturbed anything is possible.Strictly an adults film it may not agree with many of those who see it unless you keep an open mind.

7. Misery (Directed by – Rob Reiner) : Adapted from a novel by Stephen King this movie is about an author(James Caan) and a fan of his popular series of novels ( Kathy Bates). She happens to save him from an accident and nurses him back to health.When she realises that the author plans to kill his main character(Misery) in his latest novel,she forces him to rewrite the same.

8. My year without sex ( Directed by – Sarah Watts) : This film is about a couple whose normal life is disrupted when one of them is diagnosed with an illness which prevents them from having sex.How much it matters is what they realise during the course of this year.

9. Julie and Julia ( Directed by – Nora Ephron) : Julia Child(Meryl Streep) is a celebrity chef and an amateur chef takes up the challenge of trying out all of her recipes from the cookbook.Entertaining especially since it stars Meryl Streep who has always brought out the best in every performance.

10. Adaptation ( Directed by – Spike Jonze) : Another Meryl Streep starrer,this film shows her in a different light.Charlie Kaufman(Nicolas Cage) has been hired to write a script about a non fiction book The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean(Meryl Streep). What seems to be may not actually be is what he realises as he gets to know her.A little wild and entertaining this movie is lodged in my mind because it strays from the typical films which are made just to attract viewers.

There are many more movies which i would love to mention but these are some of those which i  find most appealing because of their uniqueness.Some movies may not have good rating in Rotten Tomatoes but still the content is different and so it is surely worth a watch.


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