He is…

Original Image : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ropemonkey/3418110715/

He is a man like none born before,
unique,strange,crazy and still so human.
Breaking through shackles of society and humanity,
he is a man who truly is meant to be.

Where all run after money,fame and prosperity,
he chose freedom from greed and desire and connectivity.
There are many who speak of detachment and spirituality,
he is alone and believes in his ideals and sincerity.

Wisdom,virtue,intellect all big words from the wise,
he speaks what his heart says and not what they advice.
When everyone wants to look smart and hold their heads high,
he walks without a care about what people think of him.

All speak as though they know it all,
he responds when he feels like no matter what they say,
We beg for attention,hope for some reaction,
he is immune to sarcasm and smiles when they rebuke.

Is he for real or just some character in fiction,
was he born in this world or above where heaven is.
All i know is what i see and observe,
he is for real and no man like him can be.


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