The Child In Me…

As we celebrate “Children’s Day” i remember my childhood.I remember wanting to grow up and be independent.Now,i would give anything to be a child again.Nothing compares to that in this whole world.

Those smiles and laughter without a care,
those tears and howls when hurt somewhere,
running around and never tiring or panting,
full of energy and excitement throughout the day.

The games like hide’n’seek or running race,
the cheers and jeers when given the den,
the fights and making up and fighing all over again,
the hugs and holding hands and playing together begins.

The showing off of new clothes and toys and accessories,
the eating of chocolates alone when in company,
the running away from food other than sweets,
mother’s constant shouts fall to deaf ears.

The school uniform,the bag and the books so many,
homework to finish but friends are waiting,
exams around the corner so no more playing,
results make parents proud,worries set aside for timebeing.

The most joyful years of life are childhood for sure,
no worries,no responsibilities,just play and be merry,
teachers to guide,parents to pamper,friends to pride,
someone to hold you and not let you fall.

Going back down memory lane i become a child again,
playing and falling and bruising and smiling,
dirty hands and dirty feet to make mama worried,
waiting for holidays and vacations all the time.

Happy to remember and rejoice those good old days,
remorse that those days would never come back again,
these little moments i cherish and treasure,
making me smile and thank God for being there.


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