Students till the end…

Life teaches us lessons each day,
some are easy,some real hard,
some we realise later on as time passes by,
but learn we must if we want to survive.

It punishes us if we forget what we learnt,
scolds us in its own way when we stumble,
exams come all of a sudden without a hint,
pass we must or we take a step behind.

It is a strict teacher and scares us all,
we all compete to excel and make us proud,
hard work will bear results in the end,
we will become scholars as we move forward.

Till the last day of our lives we learn,
some we accept some we fail to realise,
those of us who pay attention to each detail,
live better and are happier than the rest of us.

It is never too late to begin gathering knowledge,
our brain is ever ready to process what it is fed,
begin today while you still have time,
make living simpler and beautiful from now on…


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