Dark Dark Night


When the days seemed empty,
when the nights passed slowly,
i pondered over what i must do,
to make my life more worthy.

The Moonlight shone on the lake,
the reflection was so perfect,
the sound of crickets shattered the stillness,
i jumped in fright for i was in a trance.

I looked around in awe at the sparkling lake,
it beckoned me to come closer and not hesitate,
a boat stood waiting patiently on its banks,
i climbed in and i was on my way.

The moon disappeared and darkness crept in,
fireflies gathered and gave me some relief,
the forest was alive and so were all the trees,
on and on the boat moved as owls hooted,bats lurched.

My eyes felt heavy and i slept so soundly,
i awoke on a bed of dry leaves and flowers.
The sun had risen and the birds were chirping,
a new day had dawned it seemed cheerful.

Calling out to see if i was not so alone,
no reply i got just the trees were whispering.
Frightened of this strange forest my mind was troubled,
what must i do how could i escape i had no clue.

The boat had disappeared the water was so cold,
crocodiles prowled within waiting to get hold.
I walked into the deep forest with strange sounds,
i prayed i would find someone to help me…


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