Books: What would Life be without them??

I open a book and smell the pages,it feels like heaven.The touch of paper in my hands makes me glad i can read.I forget myself when i pour my heart into a book.It lets me flow along with the words,the thoughts,the emotions the author wants to convey.

Books never let you down,they never expect you to like them or love them.All they ask is to be read and enjoyed.They welcome you into their lives without hiding anything.I maybe sad,happy,lonely,depressed,anxious,ill but the moment i have a book in my hands i just dont feel any of these emotions.It is not easy to concentrate always but if i do so then it doesnt matter even if the world turns upside down.

Pick up any book you like and try to immerse yourself in the story.It will take you places where you may never go in real.You can be the character the writer describes about or just be a silent spectator observing from afar.You can laugh without reservation and cry if you wish to.There is no limitation nor boundary when you are reading.

It maybe a classic like Thomas Hardy,D.H. Lawrence,Somerset Maugham,Jane Austen,R.L.Stevenson.It maybe mysteries like those on Alfred Hitchcock,Sidney Sheldon or even horror like those by Stephen King.Does not really matter as long as you enjoy what you are reading.

They entertain you,cheer you up,make you smile and allow you to dream.They charm you with the mysteries hidden in their pages and make you crave for more.They beg for your attention and sit happy when you cradle them in your arms.What more do you need when you can get everything from them.

There is no age for reading.You maybe 10 years old or even 80!!All it requires is a little patience,willingness to explore possibilities which may not be realistic always and a young heart.

I will always be an avid reader and continue reading whenever i get time.I am not particularly choosey about authors or genre.If a particular story fascinates me i pick it up.I surprise myself at times by the kind of novels i enjoy.But it is fine.No one is judging me and i do not care even if someone does…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Digory Kirke
    Aug 20, 2011 @ 03:50:47

    I couldn’t imagine a world without books. I read more than I do anything else.


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