Terror… will it ever end???(13/07/11)

Åfter what happened  yesterday in Mumbai,i wonder whether life is really a joke for some people!!I wonder how someone can destroy lives in this way.That too innocent people who may be the sole supporters of their families.People who just want to live their own lives without causing harm to anyone.Life for them is a daily struggle.Now some of them may have left this world leaving behind their wives,children,parents and so many unfulfilled wishes.

The people who cause this terror may feel triumphant.But can they sleep in peace?Dont they have a conscience which will keep reminding them that what they did was wrong.What would they gain from all this?What are they trying to achieve?No one is safe anymore.

I pray for all families who lost their loved ones,all those who were injured,all those who witnessed this at close quarters and all those who survived.I want to see the old Mumbai back on its feet where we could walk through the streets without fear of being a victim of such violent attacks.

Our bodies may not survive but our spirits will remain strong.I am proud to be a Mumbaikar!!!


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