My Parents are my God

You brought me into this world,
wept tears of joy when you saw me,
my tiny hand curled around your finger,
my body wrapped in your arms.

You held my hand when i took my first steps,
reached out for me when i stumbled,
i learned to walk under your watchful eyes,
my unintelligible words made you laugh.

You lay awake when i was ill,
tended to me without sleep,
you smiled through all the pain,
till i was well again.

I went to school with you by my side,
i cried the first day as you said bye.
time flew and i grew fast,
friend were made and childhood passed.

You helped with homework and exams,
scolded me when i got it all wrong,
college started and i grew some more,
i was home less and outside more.

I graduated and made you proud,
you knew i was a woman now.
time had come to let me go,
i was your little girl no more.

I got married and you shed tears,
i cried too and found new fears,
you consoled me and blessed us,
a new life began and you prayed for us.

I still need you and ask your help,
i still feel like a child in my head.
I will grow old and so will you,
but my love for you will always be tue.

Mom and Dad i Love You…


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