Raise the Curtain(face the world)

Hiding beneath a curtain of innocence,
i can be what i want to be,
the mirror smiles when i look through,
the face i see is new to me.

I wait to go behind the curtain,
want to live more in that world,
it belongs to me and myself,
it is the real me.

The stars shine more bright here,
the moonlight seeps in unobstructed,
i bathe in her glorious light,
the light makes me feel complete.

Away from this world of mine,
is a shadow of what i am,
a presence without existence,
a life without substance.

One day the curtain will lift,
time will change for good,
my world will merge with the other,
i will live as one entity.

That day is not far off,
that moment is drawing near,
i sense a flutter in the curtain,
innocence is nearing maturity.

Will i survive this conflict,
will i grow as a better person,
time will tell the story,
fate will decide what will happen to me.


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