I walk with you

Along life’s long road,
with curves and stones,
i found a friend,
i was alone no more.

The going was not easy,
there were many missteps,
we smiled and bore it all,
we laughed and took it all.

Our hearts were filled with love,
no words could express all,
we held each other’s hands,
passing strength with a glance.

The moonlit sky shone through darkness,
the stars paved a way through loneliness,
the sunlight woke us to a new day,
the stream sparkled all along the way.

We walked,we trod,we swam,we ran,
time flew, we were close to where we belong.
this was surreal so much like a dream,
we watched and our hearts skipped a beat.

The road becomes easy,
the trials simpler,
when we share our burdens,
when we put our mind to ease.


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