Truth lies

The time had come,
to leave and go,
the time had come,
to play a new role.

The past may haunt me,
The future may scare me,
The present is passing by,
Oh!The clock is ticking why?

I was a bad person,
I hurt so many and lied,
I laughed when others cried,
I let myself stand and smile.

I did what i wanted to,
I cared not what it led to,
I was happy doing things,
I never wanted to let go.

The day came to face the world,
the day i had to face the truth,
The sins of yesterday stood up,
The past had caught up atlast.

Would anyone accept my story,
Would someone give me a chance,
Would i hold my head high,
Would i just suffer and die?

I waited for justice to be made,
I hoped for some respite from the shame,
I wished someone prayed for me to survive,
I dreamt that i would remain alive.

I opened my eyes after a long while,
I saw brightness so white,
I was just a spirit in the breeze,
I died and my soul became free.


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