Sometimes we all need space.We need to stay away from everyone.It maybe our parents,friends,lover.Its just that we need to be alone.We need time to meditate,time to just be with ourselves,away from this crazy world with all that gets on to our nerves quite so often.It is not easy to leave everything behind when there are people looking upto you for support,love,care,attention.But sometimes we need to do the unthinkable.We need to reach out and touch the sky,walk untrodden paths,go where no one has ever dared go,no destination,no aim just listening to our heart.

It feels as though someone has called you,whispered in your ear that you need to go away,walk away,leave everything and everyone behind.Crazy i may sound but those who have taken time to analyse oneself will agree with me.We all have this urge to chuck everything and start afresh.A handful may even venture but only the strongwilled carry on…

Life moves on and time mends but some wounds may never heal.It maybe because we dont want them to.We accept the pain,we live with it and as time progresses it becomes a part of us.


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  1. Kristin Melendez
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 14:06:05

    You are doing a great job here.


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