A book by Wilbur Smith,set in old Egypt.With some fictitious and some real places this book keeps you on your toes from start to end.Its about a young child “Nefer” who loses his father at the tender age of 14.He is forced to escape from his own Kingdom and prove his rightful claim to the throne.But the main character in this book is “Taita” a eunuch who supposedly has occult powers and also is immortal!!Not exactly real but then the prowess lies in the fact that the author is able to make the readers believe all that is happening is possible.

There are certain aspects like the war,the training,the rebellion,the cunningness of the Pharoahs which can be taken for real.Also the way women are treated,raped,killed,the sacrifices to the Gods so they grant favours,the looting of the treasuries are some points well explained.But there are some gruesome crimes too which may chill the readers.Not to forget the main challenge faced by young Nefer to prove he is capable of ruling the Kingdom is awesome.The stallions,the chariots,javelin,bows,arrows all seem to create an impact and you actually can visualise it.There is romance too and the things the young Princess Mintaka  does for the person she loves is commendable.

All in all a book worth reading especially if you can accept fantasies.After all this is fiction


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