We Humans define ourselves as one of the most superior beings just because we can think and express ourselves.There maybe more intelligent creatures around but we prefer being ignorant and bask in the Glory of our so called “Intellect”.But all of us me included can never be what we really are.We try to “fit in” and as a result lose our Identity.There are so many things we want to do but then there is always a hesitancy and if at all we do it,there is an everlasting guilt which worries us unnecessarily.

I also belong to this category and even now after this Realisation has crept in i continue stopping myself many a times. I guess it is because i have got so used to being told what to do and what is “FORBIDDEN” that now i find it awkward taking a step in that direction.Respecting all beings,being polite,being considerate perhaps is good but what about other things like going to a temple,mosque,church etc. without actually having faith,keeping fasts for the wellness of ur family,husband just because its what your elders have been following,having to dress in a particular manner whether u like it or not…these are all or rather some of those so called NORMS which we Blindly follow just so that we are not considered Inhuman or without values.Many of us question this but at the same time we follow it too.

What use is life when you cant Live it the way you want to??Its anyways so short and in this short while there is so much to do.Each moment is precious.I sit thinking about the consequences of my actions and in the end i decide not to go for it though perhaps it is something i would actually love to do!! It maybe a simple thing like getting wet in the rain but even for that there is so much hesitation.Is it so bad to forget everyone and get lost in ourselves?? We all love watching cartoons dont we?? But that doesnt mean we lack maturity or we are childish. It only means we are trying to live our Life the way we want to and not the way we are Told to.

All of us have a child within.Small wishes,little things and some of us live those moments when we are with our children.But most of us supress our desires just because we are fearful of what may happen.One way out is to stop dreaming,stop wishing and just accept what is there.Another way is to let go and live……………..


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