Many times we come across people we perhaps dont like but still  tolerate  so as not to hurt their sentiments.But what about the fact that we actually dread coming across them be it online,in person or on telephone. It gets unbearable and there comes a point in time when we feel perhaps we are being too emotional. Why be so concerned and considerate when it actually takes a toll on us.What use is it if the person we are tolerating isnt someone we want in our already screwed up lives!!

All it takes is a firm,frank statement at the beginning itself so as to avoid getting into tricky situations which would never have occured in the first place. I myself have been in this situation and i find it painful and irritating at times.Thanx to my so called concern(as though i am here to save the world) i have been forced to become an agony aunt, a mentor,a shoulder to cry on etc..for all those people who are least bothered about what i feel.They are like wolves in search of their prey(me) when they are hungry(in need of  a willing/unwilling audience).Being Miserable is worse than saying No to someone.Though we must respect others sentiments and try not to hurt anyone intentionally,it also is necessary to be clear about what u feel when it comes to people who may be strangers inspite of claiming they are ur Best Friends!!

I have put my foot down now though late but its allright.Better Late Than Never. So all you people out there who have been looking out for me in times of distress,depression,advice u may not find me anymore……


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