A bus ride…

I was travelling by bus today as usual in the warm afternoon.Generally it is a boring ride with uninteresting people lost in themselves but today turned out to be a little different.There was a lady sitting on the opposite side.I just happened to notice her eyes and well they scared the hell out of me.I hardly saw her blinking and she seemed more dead than alive.A thought passed my mind that if “Pet Sematary” was to be remade then she perhaps would be a great hit!!A girl sitting ahead of me was the unfortunate victim in this case..Because this woman seemed to actually be staring at her and i could make out that this girl was feeling quite intimidated.I wonder what was actually wrong with that woman.Was it lack of sleep,some tension,drugs,alcohol or perhaps she was completely normal!!I dont think i will ever know for sure but when i got of the bus i thanked my stars that i wasnt the person she was casting her eyes on…………


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