Impressions :)

“First Impression Is The Last Impression”, that is what is said and perhaps to a certain extent it is true.People tend to form an opinion about an individual after meeting that person once.It may actually not be the right impression especially since it takes a long time to actually know someone.But unfortunately we humans have this tendency of judging a person critically.How they dress,talk,walk,smile,laugh,shake hands,how white their teeth are,how slim or fat they are all this seems to count and not to forget their footwear!!! Sounds strange but in the corporate world all this matters.

I have always wondered whether wearing a suit actually matters as long as the person wearing it is capable of presenting himself in a proper manner.We must wear decent clothes and not look shabby but that doesnot mean you roam around with a noose around your neck and feel as though any moment you will hang!! I agree everyone likes to look at well dressed individuals and also like to be looked upon as someone who dresses well.But if you are unable to match your outer appearance with your overall personality,it may get you nowhere.Imagine a well dressed man/woman whom you observe walking down the street and just when you decide he/she is definitely worth admiring, he/she starts abusing some passerby or perhaps someone on phone and that too loudly.Well,there goes your judgement and your First Impression.

There are times when you meet someone who is genuinely a good person but somehow you develop a strong dislike for that person in that first encounter.Then come what may it is very difficult to let go of those negative thoughts and try to see that person in a positive light.That actually is bad and may lead to you losing good friends or people who perhaps may actually be your wellwishers.It has happened with me too..Now i try to not judge people at all and instead try to let things unfold in their own sweet time.In due course you will realise and know better so you will be in a better position to be with or keep far away from such individuals.

Body language does matter and goes a long way in determining what exactly is playing on a person’s mind.It is easy to lie especially those people whose entire life is based on false information.They lie because they are insecure,because they are scared of not being accepted,they fear rejection and prefer lying through their nose to be accepted but in the bargain they end up losing their identity.One Lie leads to a Thousand Lies and once you start lying,you can never retrace your steps unless you have courage enough to accept ur lies and undo the damage.Being Truthful is much easier as you donot have to pretend being someone else and instead you can be what you really are……..


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