Music never fails to soothe me in times of distress.It is an excellent therapy actually.Infact when i start my day by listening to some music,my entire day goes on so smoothly and i am pepped up.I feel sad for all those people who have no inclination towards music of any kind be it instrumental,classical,rock,heavy metal,ballads,country,reggae or the like…

If you stay or if you go, I won’t try, I won’t hope ‘Cause if you stay, or if you go, if you stay, or if you go I won’t try, I won’t go, I won’t try and I won’t hide … ’cause if you stay.

Despair, depression, feeling abandoned, lonely, worthless, frustrated, Worried, doubting, vulnerable, forgetable, loosing self-confidence Heavy, irritable, fear of the future, obsessed with posessions Meaninglessness, friendlessness, fear of being penny less No one to touch, loss of psychological power because there is change a foot. Be with the change and at the same moment cultivate enquinimaty Spaciousness, emptiness, awareness and clarity it be so.


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