Thought For The Day

    I Have Learnt :

  1. Never expect “ANYTHING” from “ANYONE” : They maybe your close friends,your parents,your lifepartner or ur Soulmate.But after all they are humans too.They may promise to be there for you always but there are times when they too become helpless and you cant blame them for that.
  2. If ever you “FALL  IN LOVE” : Donot expect to be loved in return. You can never force anyone to love u like u love them.Love is all about giving not receiving.If  you are loved in return that is great but dont count on it ever.
  3. Live For The Moment : We dont have clairvoyant abilities to predict what might happen in future.So why break your head over what is beyond your control.Live Life like there is no Tomorrow.So even if u dont live to see the new day,you will have no regrets( this thought is actually borrowed from someone….he knows it).
  4. Smile At Everyone : This i must say is something which doesnt come easily to all but try it and you actually start feeling good within.I have personally experienced this so i can say with confidence its true….Try it
  5. Be Yourself : You may look like a clown by the way you dress,talk,behave but if that is how you actually are,it doesnt really matter what others think.There is a saying “When In Rome Be like Romans”.But why change yourself just to “Fit In”.You are what you are and its better to remain like that and live in peace rather than suffocate and suffer unnecessarily.

 P.S. I may sound like a Philosopher in the make but the Truth is i have gained a lot from someone who has actually changed the way i think.I have started seeing and living Life differently or let me put it this way,i have started actually enjoying my life more…..Thank You For Everything….This is my way of appreciating all that you have done and all that you are doing for me………………………


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