Just saw “Fire”…….All those who believe life isnt only about oneself but also about the ones who are in our life must watch this movie.For people who find sexual pleasure watching “same sex/Lesbian” relationships,stay away.This movie isnt about Lust or Passion,its something more intense.Its about care,compassion,wanting to belong to someone who needs you.It shows that side of “Man” who can get away with Extra-Marital relationships,Spirituality etc…just to prove he is “The Boss”….Its ridiculous how a “Man” can use his wife just to test his so called sexual urges and say something like “Desire is the Root Cause Of All Evil“.Its a pity this movie was banned in India just because it portrayed a Lesbian Relationship.Hats Off to Deepa Mehta for bringing forward something which isnt just beautiful but Pure and Sacred……………..

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